Saturday, April 3, 2010


Many of you may wonder what Dadaism is and what`s its purpose is. This blog is an attempt to answer those questions. Dadaism or dada is a movement that questions the thoughts and morality of society.  Dadaism can be applied to the arts, literature, poems and movies. There are many museums, artwork and gatherings occurring all over the world that show the Dadaism. Most of the time just by seeing a Dadaist`s work, a person can tell it can be applied to Dadaism because dada works are unique funny, and eye catching. “Dadaism (and later surrealism) emerged at time of great stress and change in period during and after world war one” (Richmond 449). Dadaism was a way to protest against the war without telling the government that artist hated the war. The purpose of a Dadaist is to provoke questions or discussion among a group of people, so people can discuss the problems, and hopefully take some initiation to solve the problems.  When a Dadaist shows an art work, they are prepared to face the criticism and consequence of what they have done. Some people don’t even view the Dadaist as an artist because they break the traditional rules.  Dadaism is active among the society today. It can be an effective tool that is used for protests, or to show how bad something is. It is way to show artist`s feeling through the art work. It is what gets the people’s attention, and shows the point of view of the artist. I learned about Dadaism in art appreciation class, and it is what inspires me to write a blog about Dadaism.

Richmond, Oliver P. "Dadaism and the Peace Differend." Alternatives: Global, Local, Political 32.4 (2007): 445-472. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 1 Apr. 2010.

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